Translation, interpretation

Translation of legal documents

For every translation work accuracy is the most important. When it comes to translating legal documents, there is no question of the importance of using legal terminology in a contract, agreement, or other documentation correctly and accurately. TRADOS, MemoQ and other programs, the archived documentation of the works produced, as well as our excellent professionals, guarantee the quality of the translation and proofreading of your contracts and other legal documents. Numerous large domestic companies, law firms and foreign investors, who have established a company in our country, can be counted among our satisfied customers.

Technical translations

In case of the technical translations, in addition to the language competence of the translators, professional competence is also required since this is the area where the meanings of the same expressions can vary sector by sector. The constant preparation and current knowledge are essential to the perfect work. For technical and IT translations, it is the best to have the translation agency and the customer discuss all the special expressions in advance. We have learned in several cases that not only technical but also intra-company terminologies have been developed over the years which are of great importance in corporate communications. With such cooperation, we have been able to guarantee the expected precise work for our customers.

IT translations

Similarly to technical translations, cooperation with our customers regarding the special expressions of the IT text is very important. Actually, it is even more common in the IT field. We can also be your partner in the localization of software products and specific systems or in the translation of other IT texts. You can also find out more about our other IT services.

Economic and financial translations

We produce a huge amount of economic and financial translations for companies with different activities. From the monthly reports through the documentation for EU calls for tenders to translations of this type regarding the operation of a company at all levels, our appropriately qualified team satisfying all professional needs are awaiting your orders.

Medical, biological and pharmaceutical translations

Since 2007 we have mainly received orders from companies producing or developing medicines. For quality work, it is essential that we can always have a translator translate the material of our client who, in addition to the language skills, has relevant professional experience in this field.


  • Escort Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Lecture interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Whispered interpretation

Authentication of translations with a clause in our office, administration of authentication procedures at OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation)

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Languages: English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Dutch, Croatian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Macedonian, German, Norwegian, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian




  • Banking sector: Solutions for system integration and payments.
  • Telecommunications sector: Web Self Care applications, online payment solutions.
  • Large companies: solutions for HR and marketing areas.
  • Trade sector: support systems for procurement, sales and logistical processes.
  • Wireless communication: Wireless customer portal.
  • Helpdesk, Issue Manager Systems.


  • Replacement of expensive software types, software components or server licenses used by the partner with equivalent open source solutions,
  • Cost reduction by optimizing an application, the data used by it and the access to those,
  • Integration between applications and application components,
  • Survey and optimization of business processes, their replacement with software products
  • Development of customer-specific software types with a methodology that best suits the needs • we create software products to business processes, thereby facilitating and accelerating the work of those working in and with it,
  • we optimize the runtime environment of the software (minimizing expenditures for hardware, application and database server),
  • and we try to reduce the risk of the whole development by such factors as:
    • we choose the development methodology appropriately and relevantly,
    • we choose the architecture of the software to be created so that we can minimize dependency between the software components,
    • we provide a detailed, step-by-step description for testing,
    • we strive to maximize availability by creating a robust, scalable system.
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C, C++,
RMI, Jini,
AWT, Swing,
Corba, XA
HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Velocity, JavaScript, jQuery,
Ajax, GWT.

IBM WebSphere Application Server
(MQ Series),
Oracle Weblogic Server,
IPIanet, Sun One, Tomcat, Apache.


Linux, Unix,
MS Windows,

NetBeans, Eclipse,
IBM WebSphere Studio,
Rational Rose, Magic Draw,
SyBase Power Designer.

DevOps, methods and methodologies for software design and development (RUP, Q method, agile software development). Customized user interface design, platform-adaptive graphic display, Version Control Systems (SVN, ClearCase, CVS).




AIB International Financial Services

ALD Automotive Magyarország Kft.

AL Holding

AMS-CE/GROUP ’92 H. Kft.

Air France

Akadémiai Kiadó Zrt.

Austrian Airlines


BBT Tana Ingatlanhasznosító Kft.

Belvárosi Irodaház Kft.

Biggeorge’s-NV Zrt.

Budapesti Ingatlan Hasznosítási és Fejlesztési Nyrt.

Böhler Kereskedelmi Kft.

Claneg Zrt.

Context Tolmács és Fordító Kft.

CostBusters Hungary Kft.

DHL Exel Supply Chain Magyarország Kft.

Deloitte Zrt.

Dendrite Hungary Kft.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Drabos és Társa Ügyvédi Iroda


Duna House Franchise Kft.

Duna House Holding Kft.

EDF Hungária Kft.

For-Vid Kft.

Goodman Hungary Kft.

GWMH – Great Wall Motor

Honda Hungary Kft.

Horoszcoop Kft.

I.C. Europe Kft.

ICRC Budapest

Kende Ügyvédi Iroda

KLM Holland Királyi Légitársaság

KLUDI Szerelvények Kft.

Linde Magyarország Anyagmozgatási Kft.

MEDAL HUNGARY Bútor Kereskedelmi Kft.

Magyar RTL Televízió Zrt.

Magyar Szénhidrogén Készletező Szövetség

Magyar Áramszolgáltató Kft.

Montana Információtechnológiai és Kommunikációs Zrt.

Nabors Hungary Kft.

Novartis Csoport

Orient-Express Hungary Kft.


Otthon Centrum International Client Service Kft.

Otthon Centrum Project Consulting Kft.

Pannon Petroleum Kft.

Quaestor Utazásszervező Kft.

RCI Lízing és Autófinanszírozási Zrt.

RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

Renault Hungária Kft.

Rossmann Magyarország Kft.


SAKURA Csoport -Toyota -Lexus -Citroën

SAGEM Magyarország Elektronikai Kft.

SAGEMCOM Magyarország Elektronikai Kft.

SAGEM Magyarország Kft.

SF Hungary Kft.

Salvus AER

Senorg Hungary Zrt.

Stratis Kft.

Swiss International Air Lines

TTC Informatik GmbH – Software für die Wärmebehandlung

Vista Utazási Irodák Kft.

Wunderlich Pincészet

WWF Magyarország/WWF Hungary


Renault Hungária:"Its flexibility, its youthful dynamism and its highly professional work make Absolver an excellent partner for our company ..."
The Active Team:"We have been working together with Absolver regularly for about a year. Normally, we send French texts for translation. Most of the time, we order a text that we need very quickly, i.e. immediately, and they completely fulfil this task. We managed to establish a very good relationship with them ..."
Otthon Centrum:"Absolver always offers what is to be expected from a translation agency: they are fast, precise, reliable, flexible and correct in any case. A company and service expressly belonging to the category "especially recommended". "
ALD Automotive:"Customer-oriented translation agency, they are very flexible, fast and do a thorough job, even at short notice, and they also fulfil our special wishes! We are very satisfied."
Böhler:"At last, a company that - to my greatest pleasure- does not even shrink from company-specific tasks! Nothing proves this better than the translation of our internal communication sheet of Christmas 2007 which also contained the funny rhymes written by our colleagues ... but Absolver managed to complete the task! Even our foreign owner could understand the points...! As thanks for this, we write a novel this year...
Austrian Airlines:"Absolver Kft. always helps us to solve our translation tasks quickly, accurately, at reasonable prices and with perfect work. Its colleagues are helpful and always at our full disposal. We use the documents they translate - without errors - in official forums and as published reports and media information..."


What we can offer our long-term cooperation partners:

  • Personal contact person
  • Absolver standby service: standby number except for business hours
  • Individual prices, special offers
  • Selected translator (based on a test translation)
  • Prices fixed for one year in advance
  • Free delivery within Budapest

How can we help you?

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Our aims

We are aiming at being able to meet the needs of our customers also in other areas besides translation.

Software development: we undertake the complete linguistic adaptation of the software types developed by us or also of standard software products!

Among our declared goals priority is given to contributing to the success of our customers and developing with them together!

We hope to welcome you among our partners in the future!

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